The Rise of Christian Extremism and Terror

  Over the past thousands of years, religions and countries have clashed together over differences. The main religions in the 21st century are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. Since these religions have been around for thousands of years, hundreds of
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Fighting to Define Words and Justice

Language is constantly evolving; words are created, and fall out of common use. Meanings shift like the tide, and subtle nuances become bold statements without adding or taking away a single letter. To an extent this is an inescapable
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Maddow’s Bluff Sinks MSM Ship Even Lower

Rushing to Twitter, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow told the nation that she had Trump’s “tax returns” and would reveal them to the world on her nightly show. BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously). — Rachel
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Trump’s Tough Talk: Illegal Immigration Down 40%

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump had a tough stance on illegal immigration, many quoting it as “tough talk.” Many recolonize his famous statements about how Mexico and other countries of Central America are “sending people that have lots of
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Berkeley Becomes Barracks For Radical Leftists

“March For Trump” was a nationwide success as Trump supporters around the United States marched and rallied behind America’s new president. Most of the gatherings were peaceful, except for UC Berkeley, once again. Previously, Berkeley was host to riots against Milo
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