Unemployed Americans Glad to Hear that Elitist Celebrities ‘Will Survive’

Just as Hollywood hits rock bottom, they go out and get a jackhammer to plow themselves even deeper into the ground. The past election season was full of celebrities attempting to sway the American people to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

First it was trying to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee then it was pushing for Hillary for President. When those efforts failed, celebrities issued their statements to “republicans” to vote against Trump. In that video they even gave some slack and said “you don’t even have to vote for Hillary.”

Even though all of those attempts failed miserably, the B-Team of Hollywood recently made a video poorly singing “I Will Survive,” by Gloria Gaynor.

Because of course the 95 million Americans out of work want to hear about how the wealthy elite class of America will survive the next eight years.

It doesn’t look like celebrities will ever learn from their mistakes. It’s common to tell celebrities to stay out of politics. There’s no problem with celebrities becoming involved with politics and their country. However, when everything becomes an emotional, politically charged comment, it makes it hard to take their comments seriously.

If celebrities want to be taken seriously, they need to start talking with more substance, and stop with the childish antics. Also, outright lying as Meryl Streep did at her Golden Globes speech pushes people in the opposite direction.

At the end of the day, Hollywood, the most wealthy, elitist, and echo chamber of a community should not being telling America who to vote for.

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