A Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants

Today, throughout the country there was an off-putting silence. A feeling of isolation in the streets. Fast food chains were closed, construction companies halted production, and classrooms were empty. There was an overwhelming feeling of division throughout our country. Today, our nation was forced to look directly into the solemn, tired eyes of the illegal immigrant; and finally for those of us on the Right, we began to understand.

Or at least that’s what was supposed to happen. In reality the life of the average American was largely unaffected. Many people I’ve spoken to had no idea this protest even took place. The fact is that this was a protest for the sake of protest. The kind manufactured to be an easy pat on the back between members of a liberal-arts study-group. It’s incredibly bizarre, actually, how incestuous the entire situation is.

For your average middle-class American boycotting work in “solidarity” is not even an option. Missing a day of work is unthinkable for most of the middle class. There’s savings, rent, car payments, car insurance, student loans, the Obama care penalty tax that you pay because its much cheaper than the insanely expensive premiums you pay for terrible insurance… That’s a different discussion though; regardless, Americans have bills that we have to pay.

That’s not even to mention that if McDonald’s is closed most people won’t think twice before going to the Wendy’s down the road. At worst they’ll be aggravated their time was wasted.

So who cares about this type of thing? The very same young Liberal college-students that make up its support. Sure, of course there are some older people, and a few outliers on the political spectrum, but we’re talking about the general demographic. Who is most bothered by not being able to get their Venti iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot before their toughest class of the day? And at the same time, who would be most willing to experience that tragedy just to have discomfort replaced by the endorphin rush of passively being a part of a crusade for social justice? There’s a suspicious overlap in demographics there.

At best this protest taught a few construction superintendents that they shouldn’t rely on illegal labor. And at its worst this protest damaged the cause of true immigration reform in our country. Movements like this attempt to bind the cause of legal immigrants to that of the illegal ones. In an attempt to label Conservatives as immigrant-hating white nationalists, they have tarnished the image of the immigrant heritage that they so often invoke. They carry the name of the immigrant in vain and toss it around as a weapon of pomposity and abject pretentiousness.

This may have been a day without illegal immigrants, but not a day without immigrants. One person I most definitely saw at work today was a man named Carlos (name changed). A man who had no time to protest immigration policy; if he took a day off it would mean one day less pay. And he already works from dawn till dusk, and Saturdays to make a good living, so there would be no making it up with overtime. And more than that, this is a man who has no fear of deportation, or investigation, or imprisonment, because he is an American. He wasn’t born here, and his skin may be brown, and English is tough, but unlike the left, he couldn’t care less about any of it. He is an American. Immigrants are no longer Mexican, Japanese, or European.

So today I did look into the tired eyes of an immigrant. But they weren’t hurt or worn down, they were proud and determined. They were American.

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