Berkeley Becomes Barracks For Radical Leftists

“March For Trump” was a nationwide success as Trump supporters around the United States marched and rallied behind America’s new president. Most of the gatherings were peaceful, except for UC Berkeley, once again.

Previously, Berkeley was host to riots against Milo Yiannopoulos. The riot was perpetuated by now notorious left wing radicals named ANTIFA. Members of the group claim to be “anti-fascist.” On the “March For Trump” event in Berkeley, ANTIFA members showed up but are met with patriot opposition.

The riots in Berkeley showed how authoritarian the radicals have become. Assaulting innocent people, muffling free speech, and destroying property is not rational behavior toward people with opposing views, but when everyone you disagree with is a nazi fascist and white nationalist, it is extremely easy to succumb to such disgusting behavior. And on March 4th, Trump supporters were ready for this violent opposition.

Many Trump supporters fell victim to the radical left’s violence: An elder trump supporter was pepper sprayed, Another supporter was beaten, signs and flags were burned.

This comes a long way from what was once reckoned as the origin of free speech and peaceful protesting.

The radical alt-left no longer has time for peaceful demonstrations, but this shouldn’t encourage others to do the same. As rational people, we must keep the peace and show our support wherever and whenever we can to fight this false narrative.





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