CNN Continues to Cut Live Feed of Those Who Expose Them

CNN has been the main victim of President Trump. “You’re fake news” stated the President in a press conference earlier this month, as he called out CNN’s Jim Acosta. It is certain that President Trump is an excellent brander. Throughout the election season, he branded his opponents and there was nothing they could do to escape it. “Lyin’ Ted,” “Low Energy Jeb,” and “Crooked Hillary” were all hosts that Trump preyed on.

Now as President, Trump labels CNN as fake news. This comes after the left wing media delegitimized Trump’s presidency, stating “fake news” helped him. Subsequently, President Trump has turned it around on them.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was so offended by the attack that he compared it to the n-word, saying “I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the N-word for journalists…” But, it was Chris Cuomo himself that told thousands of people that they had to learn about Wikileaks through CNN since it was illegal to do so on their own.

CNN has exposed themselves once more this week. This time they accidentally cut the feed of Senator Bernie Sanders after he called CNN “fake news.” Unfortunately for CNN, they jumped the gun and didn’t realize that Sanders was actually joking and not directly calling CNN fake news himself.

However, this isn’t the first time that this has happened, so it comes off as more than just a “strange coincidence.” Here are 5 other top incidents that CNN will dismiss as awkward coincidences…

Bernie Sanders Cut Off After Saying CNN is “Fake News”


Congressman Collins Cut Off After Mentioning Wikileaks

Reporter Cut Off After Mentioning Hillary Clinton’s Incarceration of Blacks


Soldier Cut Off After Criticizing Wars Against Middle East

Muslim Cut Off After Defending Donald Trump






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