CNN Lies Again, Becoming Laughing Stock of MSM

In an interview with New York Magazine, CNN President Jeff Zucker conveyed that his network is doing better than ever before. Zucker told Gabriel Sherman that he believes CNN’s “credibility is higher than ever.” In addition, Zucker added that their “viewership is higher than ever, and our reporting is as strong as ever.”

This comes just days after President Elect Donald Trump slammed CNN for being “fake news” at his press conference. Zucker responded to these remarks by saying that they “delegitimize[d] journalism.”

Looking over the past year, it appears that Donald Trump is more right than what Jeff Zucker spat out in his interview. CNN’s ratings have seen a sharp decline since the election, and more people are continuing to turn off CNN.

As for CNN’s credibility, it also appears to be declining sharply. Back in 2014, CNN spread the lies of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Even going as far as to protest on live television. This fueled the Ferguson-effect, which led to the rise of terrorist group Black Lives Matter. White house officials, NFL players, and protestors around the nation were fed this lie by CNN and they repeated it.

Michael Brown robbed a store, and intimidated the store clerk on his way out. When approached by the police, Brown reached into the car and tried to steal the officer’s gun. Brown did not surrender with his hands up, but rushed officer Wilson instead. Shots were then fired.

Just this election season, with WikiLeaks releasing thousands of emails from the DNC and John Podesta, Chris Cuomo claimed that it is “illegal to posses” the emails, and that it “is different for the media.” At first it seems as they are only talking about possession of stolen material, but then Cuomo went on to say “everything you learn, you are learning from us,” because CNN doesn’t want its viewers to read through WikiLeaks.

It is not required to learn about WikiLeaks through the media, and is often frowned upon since they cut out most of the material. CNN wants its viewers to believe they are giving coverage to the leaks, however, CNN only gave ____ minutes of airtime to WikiLeaks information.

Of course CNN didn’t want the public to read the information. If they did, they would learn that Wolf Blitzer and Donna Brazile of CNN fed Hillary Clinton debate questions prior to the events. That _____ of their reporters and journalists broke the code of journalistic ethics by attending dinners with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Now, days away from Donald Trump being sworn into office, CNN published a story about the Buzz Feed Golden Showers report. The BuzzFeed article claimed the reports were “compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official,” and that “the allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.”

So even though BuzzFeed admits that it is an unverified report from someone whom they don’t know, they went ahead and published the story.

CNN, on the other hand, justified their story by stating “we reported we had not been able to corroborate [the allegations].”

It is the media’s job to publish true, and only true information. It is not the media’s job to publish false or unverified information and to let the public decide for themselves. If a story is unverified then it is not to be published because that would go against the conduct of a media organization. The role for media to to give only factual claims.

Sometimes, CNN reports in a passive aggressive form. Two days from the Inauguration of Donald Trump, CNN discusses how “disaster could put Obama cabinet member in oval office.”

Talking about a hypothetical assassination of Donald Trump without any actual substantiated threats being reported is disgraceful. It brings attention to a non-issue and foments violence against the president elect. Teasing the idea of Trump being assassinated to prevent his administration from taking over is yet another nail in the coffin of CNN’s credibility.

It’s time for Jeff Zucker and CNN to realize that their organization is now the laughing stock of the mainstream legacy media.


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