Vacuum of Narcissism: America’s Reaction to a Dumbed Down Pop Culture

Throughout the 2016 election, the left wing media and their candidates painted President Trump as an egotistical narcissist. He often referred to his wealth and success to persuade America to vote for him. At the republican debate, then candidate Trump introduced himself saying “—not in a braggadocious way—I’ve made billions and billions of dollars dealing with people all over the world, and I want to put whatever that talent is to work for this country.”

Since the start, the progressive left has held themselves on a pedestal believing that they are not the provocative, vulgar narcissists that President Trump was. However, it’s starting to become clear that the opposite is true. No matter how much of an ego President Trump has, the progressive have been projecting.

For decades, popular culture has been owned by liberals. From the 60s hippie movement, to the Starbucks hipster of the 2000s, pop culture is anything but conservative.

This has been primarily ignored for many years, but in 2016, the tipping point was reached. The amount of political ignorance, propaganda, and egotism projected by popular culture pushed everyday Americans away. The music industry, Hollywood, and mass media in general have become more politicized than ever.

This election brought celebrities out to oppose one candidate more than any other candidate in the past. Donald Trump was their prey.

They are “racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic.” At least that is what Hillary Clinton and her pop culture counterparts parroted. As much as President Trump loves to reference his success and wealth, he never personally attacked Hillary Clinton’s supporters, nor any other candidates.

It was Hollywood that put the target on the back of innocent American citizens. When prominent figures of Hollywood claimed that Trump supporters are Nazis, it ignited the crazy Antifas to violently attack and beat them.

Polls show that many people would kill Hitler if they had the chance. His brutal, vitriolic actions disgust people so much that they would want to kill him in order to potentially save 11 million people. Therefore, when someone is painted out to be Hitler, it logically makes sense to want to kill them, or at least silence them in order to save people.

However, the problem with main stream culture, is they have branded everyone they do not like as Hitler. George W. Bush was Hitler, John McCain was Hitler, Mitt Romney was Hitler and now it is Donald Trump. Things have gone too far when “literally Hitler” becomes a common saying of today’s youth.

The ugly truth is that popular culture has dumbed down a large population of Americans. As Paul Joseph Watson stated eloquently, Lyrical intelligence is continuing to decline, the number of celebrities is higher than ever, and the amount of talent is lower than ever.

In today’s culture, anyone can become famous through Instagram or Twitter. Girls simply need to expose themselves, and companies like Barstool Sports will give them shout outs for free fame.

The era of social media has promoted an atmosphere of narcissism. More followers equates to more fame. More fame leads to better self-acceptance. We have gotten to the point where self-esteem is driven by popularity, nothing more than true narcissism.

And now the most famous celebrities of popular culture have joined in on lecturing America. Miley Cyrus, someone who parades on stage with giant dildos in nude cried like a little kid because Donald Trump won the presidency.

The following list of people proclaimed that they would leave the United States if Donald Trump won the presidency: Barbra Streisand, Bryan Cranston, Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, Cher, Chelsea Handler, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Neve Campbell, Keegan-Michael Key, George Lopez, Ne-Yo, Al Sharpton, and Raven-Symone. None of them left.

The faces of the Women’s March in Washington DC were Madonna, and Ashley Judd. Foremost, the march was wrongly labeled. Pro-life women who wanted to march against President Trump were excluded by the protestors.

In addition, these women discussed “Blowing up the White House” and felt “Hitler in these streets.” These are not the radical small minority of Hollywood. This is Hollywood. This is popular culture.

It’s not just the actors themselves. It’s the networks as well. MTV, formerly a music channel, has published “New Years Resolutions for White Guys.” They also stated that blacks couldn’t be racist because racism is “a combination of prejudice and power,” and blacks “don’t have institutional power to back them up.”

It’s not that music of pop culture “sucks” or that “the beats are all the same.” For Hollywood, it’s not that the movies are “bland and boring.” Popular culture simply is propaganda at this point.

Hillary Clinton was regarded as the “most experienced” presidential candidate in history. Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Lee Daniels, Meryl Streep, Lady Gaga, Amy Schumer, and many more egotistical artists endorsed Clinton. Even with all the help, she couldn’t win. America rejected the popular culture that was begging and demanding that they elect Clinton. Thus President Trump was elected.

Now, Hollywood and the rest of the elite liberal celebrities are in their own bubble. Their award shows, where they pat themselves on the back, are only being watched by only their endorsers. Hollywood has become a giant vacuum. Their message has lost its meaning. No one cares anymore, no matter how much they bark. They can scream about how racist America is, but America has moved on. Fame in America means nothing now. Therefore, these so-called “famous” people also mean nothing.


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