Hypocritical Meryl Streep Bashes Trump

In addition to the Academy Awards and the Grammy’s, the Golden Globes are yet another ceremony where Hollywood gets together to celebrate themselves. There are nearly two dozen award shows for celebrities, but this week’s Golden Globes had a bit more to offer. Upon receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award, Meryl Streep took advantage of her stage time to slam Donald Trump. This masquerade hasn’t been unusual for a celebrity to do.

Talking of “breathtaking” performances, Streep stated that “there was one performance this year that stunned me….it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter.”

Streep has been so outraged and distressed by this moment that she “still can’t get it out of [her] head.” The actress then went on to discuss how “disrespect invites disrespect” and how “violence incites violence.”

Foremost, for Meryl Streep to take to use her platform to spread her message, it would have been wise for her to have researched her own claims in order to see if she was even right. In this instance, “research” doesn’t simply mean tuning into Snopes for your daily propaganda briefing.

She would have found out however, that Donald Trump’s hand gesture was actually a reoccurring performance of Trump. Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz have also been victims of this type of mocking from Trump. Until now, Jeb and Cruz, despite being labeled as “low energy” and a “liar,” have not been publically diagnosed as disabled.

In fact, Serge F. Kovaleski, the reporter that was mocked by Trump doesn’t even have a spastic impairment. Kovaleski only has arthrogryposis, which is a congenital joint contracture, and doesn’t have involuntary movements. So, it is an insult to Kovaleski from Meryl Streep to imply that he is mentally challenged and has spastic movements.

Meryl Streep is so concerned about the disabled community to make a phony remark about a false story, but she didn’t choose to talk about the disabled man who was brutally tortured by four blacks for simply being white. To choose to talk about the fake story over the real story is very unprincipled.

Although, “principled” means something completely different to Streep, who actually described the press as such. The press has been the least principled entity during the election season over the past two years.

It was the media, who has been large donors to the Clinton Campaign, totaling over $380,000 from journalists. It was also CNN’s very own Wolf Blitzer and Donna Brazile, who funneled debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Finally, after having insanely biased coverage, the media has earned the new title of “presstitutes.”  Their most recent charade has been the publishing of unverified information about Donald Trump’s “Golden Showers”, which is overwhelmingly fake. The excuse used by BuzzFeed and CNN was that they believe the untrue information was still important for the people to know, therefore they published it as if it were true information.

Celebrities couldn’t push the “most qualified candidate in history” over the top with help from the media, so why do they still believe that their message resonates with people? No one cares anymore and the more they talk, the more people get sick of them.

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