Indiana University President Politicizes Campus with Anti-Trump Statements

Indiana University President, Michael McRobbie took the chance to spread more anti-Trump messages to his students through a university wide email. As the figurehead of the university, McRobbie should represent all of his students, and not hold certain viewpoints above others. Any personal beliefs of his should not be stated as president of the university. Doing so would make students feel as though they are not welcome at his school.

Nevertheless, McRobbie took the chance to bash the new president of the United States this week in a university-wide email to his students. In the email, McRobbie argued against President Trump’s new ban on immigration from 7 countries which exhibit a history of terrorism.

Foremost, IU president wrongly informed his students of the executive order by stating that it “bars citizens and refugees from certain countries from entering the U.S.” The executive order does not in fact bar US citizens from entering the US from those countries.

McRobbie added that this was “contrary to the very core of [Indiana University’s] values,” and that the institution “urge[s] the administration to end this executive order.” President Trump has implemented the executive order to prevent the importation of terrorism from war torn countries. A temporary ban from these countries has been made to “find out what the hell is going on” Trump specifies. With foreign Muslims accounting from 77% of foreign rape cases in Sweden and violent crime surging in Germany, these concerns prove to be valid.

However, McRobbie’s comments are still questioning. What part of the temporary ban was contrary to Indiana University’s values? Not once in the email did the institution’s president specify. McRobbie’s false statements about the order are the true contradiction to IU’s values.

The institution’s president made $1.1 million in 2013. He did not house any refugees from these countries, yet chose to lecture his students about doing so.

The rise in rape from refugees in Sweden should make Michael McRobbie question the refugee program. He should have the best interest in mind for all 48,000 students that attend his college. College campuses are a hot spot for discussion about rape and its prevention. Why does this issue not concern Indiana University?

Just a couple months ago, Ohio State University had refugee plow his car into a campus crowd and stab people with a machete. Instead of learning from his Big Ten school partner, McRobbie stuck to his guns and promoted his policies to his students.

McRobbie, and other university presidents alike, should stick to their own mottos of representing all students. These institutes believe in making every student feel welcomed and accepted. Once again, they ignore their own rules and step on supporters of the new president by pushing their own political agenda.

The university made no comments when violent rhetoric was chalked around campus this November. “Kill Trump,” “Assassinate Trump,” was spread onto the sidewalks for students to see, but no words from IU condemning this culture. Many students, who wore Donald Trump apparel were berated with profanity and insults outside Ballantine Hall during election day. Once again, no comments were made to remind students that this behavior is unacceptable.

These events have shown the university’s president to be enormously biased when discussing politics publically. They have also exposed the president of having a clear agenda that he wishes to impose on his students.

In the future, Indiana University President Michael McRobbie should stick to what he does best: shut up and do nothing.


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