1.1 Million Potential Jobs Already Created by President Trump


95 million people are out of work in the US, food stamp usage is skyrocketing, and healthcare costs are continuing to rise.  The plan that President Trump has stated to fix this economic crisis: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”

Obama’s message was very similar in 2008. Like Trump, he was  the change candidate, replacing George Bush. Although Barack Obama pledged on creating jobs in his presidential campaign, he received harsh criticism for not living up to expectations. 11.3 million jobs were estimated to be formed in his 8 years in office. However, 94% of the jobs created were part time and temporary.

Donald Trump, who spent most of his campaign declaring he would be the candidate for jobs now has a lot to live up to. Though, just days into the Trump administration, thousands of jobs are already being created. One of the biggest reasons why voters supported Donald Trump for president was because too many jobs were going overseas.

The following is a list of companies that have looked to reinvest, and create jobs in America, rather than leaving for foreign soil since Trump won the election on November 8th.

Carrier: 1,000 jobs preserved in Indiana rather than moving to Mexico.

Softbank: Invest $50 billion and committed to creating 50,000 jobs.

US Steel:  Hire up to 10,000 employees that were laid off.

Dow Chemical Co: To create 100 jobs in the state of Michigan.

Sprint: Bring back 5,000 jobs to strength the American Economy.

Fiat Chrysler: Invest $1 billion in Michigan and Ohio, and create 2,000 new jobs.

OneWeb: Hire 3,000 people in the United States.

Ford: Cancel their Mexico plant, and invest $700 million in Michigan, creating 700 new jobs.

Alibaba: Create 1 million American jobs over 5 years.

Foxconn: Spend about $7 billion to build a factory in the US, creating up to 50,000 jobs.

Stanley Black & Decker: Create 1,200 jobs.

Bayer: Create at least 3,000 jobs after merger.

SAP SE: Create 10,000 new jobs in the US over the next year.

Walmart: Add 34,000 jobs with continued expansion in the US.

Toyota: Invest $600 million and create 400 jobs in Indiana.

Tesla/Panasonic: Bring back 1,400 jobs to Buffalo.

Lockheed Martin: Create 1,800 new jobs for Fort Worth.

TOTAL: 1.17 million jobs and extra $59.3 billion invested


This totals 1.17 million potential jobs for the American people and is continuing to increase. With the DOW breaking records and reaching 20,000 this week, it is clear that companies take President Trump seriously. Coming from business and real estate, President Trump has gained experience in making great deals with workers, and companies. Maybe for the first time, companies hold respect for the President because he isn’t a politician, but someone who is familiar with their work in business.

Businesses don’t care about fancy rhetoric, or debating skills. They care about employing people, selling their products, and making profits.


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