Late Night Tweets: Donald Trump’s Mastering of Social Media

While the liberal media believes that “it is time to pull the plug on [President] Trump’s tweets,” the new President continues to master social media. The mainstream media constantly ridiculed President Trump for his use of Twitter to communicate to the people. They stated that it was “reckless, cavalier, condescending, obnoxious, irresponsible,” and all around triggering for them.

However, no matter how often the progressive left bashes him, President Trump will continue to use this media tool for all its advantages. Most notably, the left has expressed outrage by the times of the tweets. Late at night, while everyone sleeps, President Trump tweets.

The left describes this as childish, yet the right will counter with the fact that he doesn’t need sleep and is always working. Although, it doesn’t seem to be that simple.

Foremost, President Trump has shown to understand how the media works, along with persuasion. Therefore, it would be ignorant to claim that the timing has no rhyme or reason.

It all starts with the paperboy. Once the clock strikes midnight, the papers are printed and the paperboys get ready for their shift.

From midnight to 6am, paperboys will deliver the news before the sun is even up. The customer wants his paper when he/she wakes up in the morning, so the only times in which a paperboy can work are before dawn.

This business plan also follows through to the digital world. Although websites will load new content throughout the day, major outlets will have significant articles published in the middle of the night. With this plan, viewers will have brand new content to read in the morning.

These tactics are simple media ideas. President Trump has simply capitalized on them. By tweeting at 3am, the news outlets will already be able to cover the content for their morning shows. If Trump were to wait until 9am, then his message wouldn’t be covered by the media until the afternoon, and that wastes half a day of coverage and thousands may not receive his message.

Whether President Trump is actually tweeting at 3am is still up to speculation. The President could actually be fast asleep. Tweet schedulers are popular tools used to plan tweets ahead of time, so President Trump could be taking advantage of those apps.

Though, possibly he is typing away at his phone beneath his golden duvet late at night. Unless Melania unveils the truth, the world will never know.


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