March Against President Park Geun-Hye Draws Hundreds of Thousands

As the mainstream media continues to feed the narrative of Russian interference in our election, despite being discredited, they have been absolutely silent on the confirmed massive corruption scandal exposed in Seoul nearly 4 months ago.

Following the revelation of President Park Geun-Hye’s corruption, multiple marches have been organized to demonstrate the people’s opposition to the crooked politician. The most recent march was the 25th of February, on the fourth year anniversary of Park’s inauguration. Estimates for the crowds range between 200,000 to over 1,000,000.

The scandal was exposed late in 2016 when a whistleblower produced evidence of Choi Soon Sil, Park’s long-time friend, issuing orders to two presidential aides. Choi — who is not an elected or appointed official — was receiving dozens of confidential policy speeches, and even altering them. The home of former top presidential aide Kim Ki-choon was raided by special prosecutors last December after he was suspected of overlooking and even protecting the work of Choi. The scandal grows even larger as the rabbit hole reveals the sale of influence and a bizarre connection to a shamanistic cult.

Choe Sang-Hun from the New York Times broke a story describing the unusual circumstances in which Park and Choi’s friendship was founded upon. Choi’s father was actually Park’s mentor from a young age, befriending her after the assassination of Park’s mother in 1974. Choi Tae-min was 40 years older than Park at the time they met. Mr. Choi approached Park and convinced her that her mother had appeared in his dream and asked for assistance. Mr. Choi has been compared to Rasputin in Korea, and was even referred to as such in a leaked US Diplomatic cable provided by WikiLeaks.

Choi Soon Sil, along with two presidential aides, Ahn Jong-bum and Jeong Ho-sung, were formally charged last year. The aides denied any wrongdoing and claimed to simply be following President Park’s orders. Many high-profile connections to this case include the indictment of Samsung executive Jay Y. Lee and many other high-ranking Samsung employees.

Park’s approval had been on a steady decline since the start of her 4th year as President in 2016, receiving a 46.4% in her 2nd week. Before the impeachment, Park’s approval rating was recorded at an all-time low of 4%, the worst rating among any South Korean President. Among residents under 30 the President recorded a zero-percentage approval.

The Constitutional Court had its last hearing today after Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn refused to extend the independent counsel probe in the corruption scandal. The Court will decide in March to deny her removal of office or continue forward and begin the process of hosting new elections.


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