MSM Condemns Trump for Defending Himself Against John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis came out this week to say that he will be boycotting the Presidential Inauguration. Lewis stated that he won’t attend since he doesn’t view Donald Trump as a “legitimate president,” since he believes that Russia “helped [Trump] get elected and destroyed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

Lewis went on to say that this will be the “first [inauguration] that I miss, since I have been in congress.” So according to Lewis, it is Russia’s fault that Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails, that she believed in a public and private policy, that she called 60,000 Americans “deplorable and irredeemable.” Like much of the left and liberal media, John Lewis didn’t want to look in the mirror as to why the Democrats lost this election.

In addition, John Lewis lied when he said this will be the first inauguration he misses. Back in 2001, Lewis skipped the inauguration of the 43rd President George Bush. The Washington Post reported on the incident stating that “John Lewis, for instance spent [inauguration] day in his Atlanta district.” Once again, it was because Lewis “[didn’t] believe Bush [was] the true elected president.”

When Donald Trump decided to reply to the message on Twitter, the media blasted him with hate.

NBC ran the headlines “Why Trump’s Attack on John Lewis Came at a Particularly Bad Time.” The Washington Post ran with similar messages reading “Donald Trump attacked ‘one of the most respected people in America’.”

This was all due to the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. Day was that same weekend. John Lewis has been a revered civil rights activist, who has fought for equality and been on the front lines. Although, this doesn’t give Lewis immunity.

John Lewis attacked the President Elect, and called him illegitimate. Donald Trump responded, and did so without insulting Lewis’s background in civil rights. So why does the mainstream media continue to make things about race?

The media’s spin on such small things like this will only continue to unravel the bias that they have.


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