New Web App to Warn Illegal Immigrants About ICE Raids

A new web app currently under development named redadalertas or Raid Alerts will warn “undocumented immigrants” and others afraid of ICE raids. The 27 year-old developer Celso Mireles has reportedly been working on the web since the Obama administration began deporting illegal immigrants like no tomorrow.  However, the app began gaining new ground under the Trump Administration, who has been very vocal about illegal immigration.

The app will consist of two groups, one who will report and verify raids, and the other which is composed of subscribers that will receive the warning. The alerts are SMS messaging notifications, and in order to receive them only a zip code and phone number are required. In order to report raids the person must authenticate with Facebook and other personal information. They do have safeguards in place such as, algorithms and verification step to prevent hoaxes, trolling, and infiltration. Reporting raids require a “specific” amount of verification by users, or a uniquely qualified user such as a verified lawyer that can authenticate the raid.

According to Mireles, there will be three different kinds of alerts: home raid, work raid, and traffic checkpoint. These notifications will only be sent to those in the vicinity. The default language is set to Spanish because according to Mireles ” the majority of undocumented people speak Spanish.”

Mireles himself is an outspokenly anti-Trump with recent tweets such as this:

In addition, during an interview with, Mireles said “If there is a tool needed to protect against law enforcement, that should be a litmus test to society to say what is our law enforcement doing, what are they enforcing and should that change?” Mireless is advocating for illegal immigration and working to prevent law enforcement from doing their job. Celso Mireles is another radical who believes in open borders and protecting these foreign citizens from the law. It is one thing to disagree with the law, and another to work against it. Mexico has already admitted that the “immigrants” in the U.S. are their citizens and are implementing strategies to protect them.

The Trump election has revealed the true colors of our politicians and some of America’s allies. It is evident that Mexico claims these “immigrants” as their citizens, and wanting to protect them is their right. Just as it is the President Trump’s right to protect his citizens, the American people.


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