NY High School Ends Tradition & Adopts Gender-Neutral Ceremony For Transgenders

Editors Note: After evaluation, the school has decided to not change their ceremony

Ward Melville High School, located in East Setauket, New York, has ended their long graduation tradition. For years, the school has had girls wear gold gowns, and boys wear green gowns during the ceremony.

However, that tradition has finally come to an end.

Principle¬†Alan L. Baum has decided that the school will have a gender-neutral graduation with all students wearing the same color gap and gowns. This came shortly after the complaints from the transgender students. Since Baum didn’t want to ostracise anyone, he felt the need to change the school’s program.

Although Ward Melville High is a school in a liberal state, the student body didn’t like the progressive decision of their principle.

Peter Taranto, Junior at War Melville, stated that “a few hundred students met up in the front yard and protested for a few hours, until the administration had them go into the auditorium.”

He later added that “There are very few transgenders at out school, and while I do not have anything against them (and am friends with one), the decision made simply makes a few kids fell better at the expense of everyone else.”

Rather than simply letting transgender students choose what color that wanted to wear, Baum scrapped the whole tradition altogether, leaving hardly anyone happy.

Peter Taranto also believed that there was a petition circulating around that “had over 700 signatures” to go against the decision. “Another one supporting the decision only had three.”

Even in a very liberal and democrat-heavy state, Ward Melville High School still had problems with pushing a progressive social agenda.


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