Oscars’ Ratings Continue to Drop Due to Hollywood Fanatics


Early estimates of the Oscars’ audience show a sharp decrease in numbers.  With 32.8 million viewers, the Oscars’ had the smallest audience since 2008. This years event also showed a 4% decline in comparison to the 2016 Oscars’.

After last years ceremony was criticized for being “so white,” many were wondering how viewers would react to the outrage. So far, it seems as though people have had enough of the politicized nature of Hollywood.

This year, it was no surprised that the celebrities fired at President Trump. Jimmy Kimmel was the most notable celebrity to mock Trump stating, “Remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist? That’s gone, thanks to [Trump].” As many know, President Trump was accused of being a racist many times by Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media.

Kimmel then took shots at President Trump’s actions against fake news, while also making fun of his famous tan. “We have no tolerance for fake news. Fake tans, we love,” Kimmel announced to his peers.

There are many more jokes targeted towards the president, so to view them all, anyone can watch the full 3 hour production online. From the Golden Globes, to the SAGs, and now the Oscars, it seems as though every Hollywood get together is one big anti-Trump party. However, numbers show that if celebrities do not change their stage act, they may continue to have more people boycott them.


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