DNC Chair Thomas Perez Believes Muslims are a Race

The new chair of the DNC Thomas Perez has been very vocal against President Trump. Just recently, Perez was on NBC’s Meet the Press in an interview with Chuck Todd. During that interview, Perez stated that the President’s executive order,
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New Web App to Warn Illegal Immigrants About ICE Raids

A new web app currently under development named redadalertas or Raid Alerts will warn “undocumented immigrants” and others afraid of ICE raids. The 27 year-old developer Celso Mireles has reportedly been working on the web since the Obama administration
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Michigan State Bans Whiteboards from Dorms

Michigan State University has decided to ban whiteboards from student dorms because they have become means of transferring offensive material. Kat Cooper, director of University Residential Services Communications stated that “In any given month, there are several incidents like
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Huffington Post Removes Article Praising Trump

Huffington Post, a far-left news outlet, has removed an article from their site that was praising President Trump. After the President’s controversial comments about Sweden and their immigration problems, many news outlets fired shots at him. Huffington Post in
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