New York Times Forced to Delete Racist Tweet

The New York Times tweeted out this week an article discussing latinos and blacks in school. The problem was that the caption was so poorly phrased that they were forced to delete the tweet and apologize on Twitter.
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Trump Rallies Make a Comback

Today in Melbourne Florida, President Trump went back to basics with a rally. The rally itself was 50,000 strong and fully characterized Trump as the populist President. Bypassing the media gate keepers who “have their own agenda,” and the
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Refugees Reportedly Burn Train in Serbia

Last night, at approximately 8:40pm, Belgrade’s main railway station was the scene of a major fire. A number of train carriages were allegedly set ablaze. Preliminary information states that the train carriages were not in use at the time
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A Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants

Today, throughout the country there was an off-putting silence. A feeling of isolation in the streets. Fast food chains were closed, construction companies halted production, and classrooms were empty. There was an overwhelming feeling of division throughout our country.
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YouTube Community Rallies behind PewDiePie

After being subject to a highly libelous, misleading article on the Wall Street Journal, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known as “PewDiePie” on YouTube has had his career and finances seriously damaged. The self-described amateur Swedish comedian with over 50
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Australian State Bans Gender Theory from Classrooms

An Evidence Based Approach The Eastern Australian state of New South Wales has mandated that teachers refrain from teaching Gender Theory in public classrooms after a recent independent review. The idea of reclassifying the two genders into a deconstructive
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