Americans & Europeans Support Trump-Style Immigration Ban

American Support

Rasmussen Reports has found through a national telephone and online survey that “57% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a [moratorium] on refugees.” Amazingly, only 33% are opposed to the idea, and 10% remain undecided. In addition, the report found that “most voters opposed former President Obama’s plan to bring tens of thousands of Middle Eastern and African refugees here this year.” 62% of people stated that Obama’s acted as an “increased national security risk” to America.

European Support
The London based Chatham House has demonstrated that the majority of people polled across a broad swathe of 10 major European countries are in favor of a ban against further Muslim immigration.

Germany, Belgium, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Poland and Hungary were surveyed. None of the countries polled expressed a majority pro-immigration stance. The most pro-Muslim immigrant country was Spain, where just 41 percent of the population opposed the survey statement.

Opposition to Muslim immigrants increases following attacks

Unsurprisingly, support for a Trump-style ban is highest in European countries directly affected by the refugee crisis.

Chatham House further demonstrated that almost every second person with a higher level of education is for a Muslim entry ban and that gender and geography have minimal effect on the results.

Of the men surveyed, 57% were for the entry ban compared to 52% of the women. Of those living in large cities, 52% were for a ban, while 55% of small town residents and 58% of the rural interviewees were for the ban.

The primary concerns and implied motivations of those surveyed have a strong correlation to recent Islamist terror attacks in France and Germany, alongside a destabilizing influx of migrants. This implies that the support for a Muslim immigration ban is based on people’s sense of security, and not on their distaste for any particular religion.


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