The Art of Keeping a Promise

After just seven days in office, President Trump has put into motion roughly half of his long-standing campaign promises. Some of these executive Presidential actions seek to conclude debates that have dominated domestic discourse for years prior. These are resolutions which will have a major impact on the stagnant jobs market and America’s crumbling infrastructure. They also seek to overturn some of the previous administrations long-standing, foreign and domestic policy initiatives.

Many of these once prospective actions saw bipartisan support, or at the very least tacit acknowledgement  among Democrats in the past. The legacy liberal media has expressed its shock at this break from tradition. Instead of fine dining and self-congratulating himself, Trump has gone straight to work. The unthinkable seems to be happening.

Formerly positive coverage of major public concerns, such as the withdrawal from the TPP is receiving a revisionist media response. The TPP is an issue Clinton was forced to flip-flop on to maintain the artificial viability of her ill-fated campaign. Where is the mainstream applause now that Trump has taken one of the biggest bipartisan issues to task? It is strangely muted as apologists emerge to muddy the waters. Maybe it wasn’t that bad a deal after all.

One wonders if the legacy media news cycle is struggling to keep up with so many executive actions at once. Perhaps the progressive narrative can’t misrepresent these major items of public interest. It takes time to dispense such distortions and they can’t seem to keep up. Is the machinery of globalist sanctioned propaganda finally breaking down under the strain of Trump? Perhaps.

Clearly not everything is yet set in stone. Many of President Trump’s intended goals are now in serious play, but not all can be reached within a week. Nonetheless, unlike the doom and gloom being propagated by the legacy establishment, this new administration and its supporters seek to have a more positive outlook on the future. Surely, making America great again is something to look forward to. Surely, this is the change large segments of the electorate have been clamoring for over the past 8 years. Time will tell. For now, things look promising.

Trump’s first week in office has led to a myriad of executive actions.

·       Restrictions on immigration from 7 Muslim majority countries identified as havens of radical Islam have been implemented.

·       Affordable care act is on its way to being repealed, with the intent of weakening and eventually replacing Obama care.

·       Orders have been issued to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

·       Federal grant money is being revoked from Sanctuary Cities.

·       Construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines is to proceed, using American steel.

·       Overseas NGO’s that advocate abortion no longer have access to US federal funds.

·       A hiring freeze on all federal agencies has been implemented, except for the military, alluding to Trumps draining of the swamp initiative.

·       Mechanisms for withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership are in play, with NAFTA slated for re-negotiation as well.


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