The Hidden Costs of Illegal Immigration: Sexual Exploitation of Minors

While the students at UT Austin may be marching against protecting the border from illegals, the college has recently published a report about the cost of human trafficking that highlights a topic that most Democrat leaders fail to discuss: human sex trafficking of minors and youth, and forced labor. The numbers in the report are staggering. The paper estimates that sextrafficking of minors costs the State of Texas $6.6 billion. The report sets out the costs associated with this human tragedy, such as chemical dependency, abortions, homicide investigations, STD treatments and foster care.

The sad truth is that many of the young people smuggled into the United States are victimized by their smugglers, forced into prostitution and raped. These children and their parents are lied to by their smugglers. Migrants are often forced to stay in stash houses during the process like this one in Mission, Texas  where 51 migrants were pulled from a single home.

Along with sex trafficking, the report details how those searching for work in the United States illegally are taken advantage of by those that refuse to pay them what they are promised. Sometimes they do not pay them at all.

 If our country’s leaders put forth a message that the border is closed, then maybe they will stop sending their children here unaccompanied and prone to victimization. In 2016, Border Patrol apprehended over 408,000 unaccompanied minors.  The report from UT Austin informs us of the fate of those minors that were not captured. For many of these youths, it is not a fate that anyone would wish to endure. By announcing to world that the border has tightened, the US hopes to prevent exploitation of children from happening in our country, behind closed doors and hidden from view.    


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