The Milo Effect: The Provocateur that Redpilled College America

Few people are hated more by the left than Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay Jewish Immigrant who’s become the face of the red pilled right – Tucker Carlson, Fox News Channel

Triggering America’s Elite

No stranger to controversy, the Breitbart Editor has seen his fair share of ideological altercation with the globalist political and media establishment over the years.  After entering journalism in 2009, he took up a highly publicised stance in his homeland Britain against the radical feminist movement on the basis of free speech.

Later, Milo was cast to the forefront of the public libertarian debate when he confronted the establishment media for its anti-consumer rhetoric during the Gamergate controversy (concerning ethics in games journalism) in 2014.

After becoming editor of the US based conservative Breitbart media outlet, he once again renewed his drive to promote free speech and tolerance for alternative political viewpoints by kicking off his American cross-Campus ‘Dangerous Faggot Tour.’ It was labelled a ‘fabulously provocative’ tour-de-force, and with it Milo ensured his relevance in the public conversation following the American General Election of 2016.

“I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer. I’m part lecture, part stand-up. One of the things authoritarians hate is the sound of laughter – because they can’t control it.” – Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo’s efforts to publicize the frivolous nature of western 3rd wave feminism are noteworthy. The so called gender wage gap has been exposed as a falsehood in the west, and those corporate special interests who continue to propagate and validate this myth have set themselves up for ridicule by ordinary citizens in the sphere of public discourse.

A ‘Dangerous’ Bundle of Sticks

The latest events at UC Berkeley have placed the spotlight squarely back on Milo and his will to flaunt with the now dangerous prospect of free speech on American liberal leaning college campuses. It is perhaps tragically fitting that the birthplace of the American 1960’s free speech movement, is today in 2017 also its deathbed. The American left and its supporters have thus become a perceived menace to the average citizen.

These antics range from promoting physical violence on perceived Nazis (Everyone who disagrees with them is branded a Nazi); to delusional celebrities promoting treasonous acts against the elected government of the United States because it is seeking to control the borders after a spate of imported crime and violence have ravaged the most economically vulnerable areas of the country-something these special snowflakes don’t have to deal with in their gated communities.

According to the mainstream media, Milo’s reckless gumption inspires violent riots which inevitably lead to injuries and the destruction of public property. But any semi-conscious observer would note that these are protests by radical ideologues to silence free speech, because they find that speech offensive.  And with that realization, Milo’s chief campaign message has now been codified into the minds of millions across the country.

“He was going to speak to 300 people at Berkeley, he instead spoke to 3 million people on fox, got a #1 bestseller on amazon, and got noticed by the white house.” – trainedbug, a Reddit user referencing the UC Berkeley riots


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