Trump and Supporters Still Thankful of John McCain

It was Senator John McCain who had to admit defeat to President Barack Obama in 2008. Although republicans had to give up the White House, many were still excited to witness the first black president in United States history.

Nevertheless, supporters of McCain continued to grow less accepting of President Obama’s job as commander-in-chief. They began to lament about the Obamacare, immigration, jobs, and taxes. Eventually, this lead the republican party to the 2012 campaign with Governor Mitt Romney as the nominee.

According to many republicans, Romney “choked.” However, forcing President Obama out of the White House after just one term was hard enough on its own. Once a President takes office, the people of America don’t like immense change unless it is completely necessary. Thus America had 8 full years of President Obama.

This gave rise to Donald Trump. Just days after Governor Romney failed to win the presidency, Trump applied for a trademark on “Make America Great Again.” For decades, Donald Trump had been pressured, and rumored to run for president. He never made the leap.

Trump knew in 2012 that those next four years weren’t going to be good. The billionaire businessman always said that he didn’t want to run for president, yet he didn’t want to rule it out completely.

In 1988, Trump told Oprah Winfrey “If it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out totally, because I really am tired of seeing what’s happening with this country. We’re really making other people live like kings, and we’re not.”

Donald Trump would only have run if he thought the country hit rock bottom. That’s what happened from 20012 to 2016. It all goes back to John McCain.

If John McCain would have won in 2008, then the landscape of America would have been completely different. It could have been better. or maybe worse.

If the country would have been better under McCain, then Donald Trump would have had no urge to run for president.

On the contrary, if McCain made the country even worse than Obama, then Trump still may never have been elected. When things go south, America’s political pendulum swings to the other side. Therefore, a democrat would have likely been elected as the change-candidate.

Even though Senator McCain attacks President Trump daily, Trump supporters must give thanks to McCain.




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