VIOLENT, CRIMINAL, DISGUSTING: The Progressive Left’s Reaction to a United America

For nearly two years Donald Trump and his supporters were framed as intolerant, violent, and aggressive. During the 1st presidential debate, Hillary Clinton reflected on Trump supporters’ tactics, stating “when they go low, we go high.” Michelle Obama later repeated and spread this message to convey that the left was on the moral high ground compared to the disgusting basket of deplorables.

CNN contributor Sally Kohn was afraid that if Hillary were to win, then it would be Trump supporters who would get violent. This narrative was pushed again by Clinton when she made it a monstrosity that Donald Trump “would not accept the results of the election.”

Flash-forward to the inauguration of Donald Trump. The progressive left is now projecting everything that they said they were afraid of.

It is now the progressives that aren’t accepting the election results due to “Russian Hacking,” which happens to have no substantial evidence. Barack Obama even said himself that “of course the election won’t be rigged” So according to the them, emails released though a phishing scam to WikiLeaks in order to better inform the public about making a decision between the candidates is grounds for “hacking an election.”


Foremost, after a fair election that Donald Trump won, liberals were so upset that they took to the streets. Even though there were over two months to come to fruition with the results, the progressives still became violent.

Thanks to investigative journalist James O’Keefe, it was revealed that the Deploraball was supposed to be gassed with acid by the Anti-Fascist Coalition.

Roger Stone from the Stone Cold Truth, was poisoned in an assassination attempt. Polonium was found in his blood stream this past week according to the CDC.

Canadian comedian and talk show host Gavin McInnes got into a fist fight with a protester after the radical demonstrator got too aggressive. Afterwards, Gavin realized he “should have delicately asked the mob what subject they want[ed] to debate” so that they wouldn’t have gotten their feelings hurt.

Outside of Milo Yiannopoulos’ “Dangerous Faggot” event, someone was actually shot, but fortunately no one was killed. Milo continued his talk because he didn’t want to convey that simply shooting someone was enough to shut down his ideas.

Mike Cernovich, who organized the Deploraball event, was pepper sprayed. Fortunately Cernovich made light of the incident by simply saying, “Spicy.”

However, it isn’t just the most well-known people who are being attacked by the tolerant left. While taking a picture in her Trump hat, a girl had her hair lit on fire from a coward. The criminal stealthily slide her hand though the ground with the lighter, trying to not get caught.

A man had the back of his head bashed by a flagpole, and he was left bloody and disoriented. This was after the fact that his hat was stolen by a masked figure. In addition to theft, it is illegal to wear masks and cover your face in Washington DC.

Comedy Central writer Stephen Spinola tweeted about how 10 year old Barron resembled a “date-rapist-to-be.”

SNL writer Katie Rich took to twitter to say that she believes Barron “will be this countries first homeschool shooter.”

After 8 years of the liberals telling conservatives that the Obama daughters are “off limits,” they immediately bash a 10 year old. Although Malia Obama was caught smoking weed and exposing her butt at Lollapalooza, reasonable conservatives were ashamed, but went back to bashing the father, not the daughters.


These people aren’t tolerant and caring, they are vile and unlawful. A Starbucks had its windows and doors busted out. The same happened to its neighboring bank. A limo was set on fire, and spray painted. These people are not activists. These people are terrorists.

It comes to no surprise that George Soros is tied to more than 50 partners of the anti-Trump women’s march. Soros has been the puppeteer of Hillary Clinton, embracing her plea for “open borders.” In addition, he has been the mastermind behind the Black Lives Matter movement, and caused destabilization and chaos around the world.

These aren’t simply just “isolated incidents” either. The left likes to label Islamic terror attacks as such, even though 26% of young American Muslims believe that suicide bombings can be justified. This same cognitive dissonance appears with their own violence.

Over 200 people were arrested in the DC protests on inauguration day. 6 police officers were injured in the haram, and many crimes went without justice due to the protesters outnumbering the police.

This was how the left reacted to not getting what they want. Americans that were sick and tired of a government gone mad had a 62 million man march on November 8th. The difference was that they elected the next president, while the #DJ20 protesters preformed criminal acts.

Now the liberal media continues to push the narrative that America is divided in order to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump. This is the same reason why a photo of the empty mall early in the day of Friday was spread around.

By creating the story that Donald Trump is not liked by people and that people are revolting, they achieve their goal of creating chaos and delegitimization.

However, at the end of the day, America is united. Divided by republicans and democrats, but now united in one goal: to make America great.



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